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Wendy and James Preston

Taking His Love & Glory to the world.

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Love, and see the miraculous... it’s God’s way.

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His Love & Glory

Wendy is passionate about the love of God and the healing power of God that is always available; life and life more abundantly is a gift that God has given us and His life raised me from a death bed as a child and set me free to serve Him.  He wants to do the same for you!


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you have come from.  God is waiting to be invited into your life that He May display His goodness to you and through you to others.  

Often Wendy starts with the question, “What would you do if you could . . . ?”  Faces light-up as they reconnect with their dreams.  Hope reignites and faith grows as they realise that regardless of the ailment or disarray in their lives, God’s Word is true, and He will complete what He started.

Wendy has found that people often have challenges because they are not on the course God set for them.  “If you connect with your dream,” she explains, “life comes with it". All you need to do is say yes. You don’t make that dream happen. You just have to respond. God is loving and gentle, and He restores everything He placed in your heart.”

Wendy graduated from Rhema Bible Training Centre USA in 1988 and has been preaching the gospel full-time ever since in the travelling ministry, in miracle crusades and services, TV and church planting.  In 2000 the Lord directed Wendy to plant Faith Alive Church in Aylesbury as the hub and now several ministries have gone forth from Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, England. 

Wendy is also travelling as the Lord directs and is available to minister in churches gatherings, meetings, conferences, etc. as the Lord leads, locally, nationally and internationally.

Prayer and Healing is her heart.